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I believe:   Our Dreams are the seedlings of our future realities.


My Sculpture is a metaphor for women realizing all of our dreams,

and creating our own uniquely ideal life

I think big. My projects have been very diverse, as I like to challenge and reinvent myself

as my life and belief in my abilities and dreams have evolved.


Because I think really big I have had to employ some unusual methods for people to see my art

in addition to showing what was able to be displayed in galleries: 

Televised tours, art lovers bus & walking tours, magazine & newspaper interviews, internet tours & interviews.


ex: I created an entire art home & furnishings as my showcase with original sculpture built into both the exterior and interior throughout house; as well as creating art to meet any functional need: (such as sculpted sinks, baths, showers, floors, kitchens); including overcoming any exterior challenges due to extreme weather changes.


My art house started as the seed of a dream that I turned into reality.

The art theme was the interrelationship between how both women & nature

are capable of creating new life and beauty in many different forms.



I built this home as a symbol & tribute to ALL women’s abilities

to accomplish anything we can dream.

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