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World Trade Center Memorial

I was deeply impacted by the attacks of 9/11, and like everyone else - struggled to come to terms with my feelings,

and what I could possibly do to help.  


See below for my detailed submission for the World Trade Center Memorial, along with a poem I wrote which was to be recited at the Opening Ceremony of the Memorial.


I planned the entire environment and landscaping surrounding the physical memorial structure I proposed,

and a living ongoing legacy where “dream seeds” would be planted at the Memorial’s ”Garden of Healing & Dreams” during the opening ceremony by a loved one of each victim and by a representative of each rescue group…Each visitor to the site  would always be greeted by the healing scents of lavender and the soft sound of drumbeats,

(metaphor for heartbeats), and a continuous light for each victim incorporated in the structure.


Bring your dreams to our shores..

Plant your seeds in our fertile democratic soil..

Let each person’s success spread like wildflower seeds in the wind to help

inspire you..


Know that anything you can imagine can become real here..

Here is where the biggest, boldest dreamers make their visions real..


Listen and Dance to the heartbeat and rhythm of your own drum..

Listen quietly until you hear its’ insistent drumbeat calling you..

                                                        Come: Make me happen..


Then watch your dream seeds manifest into the garden of reality you

imagined when they woke you and insisted, like your child:..

                                                       “You must make me happen”


We are tomorrow’s ancestors,

and have the wisdom that suffering and loss imbeds

Thousands sacrificed their lives here to inspire you, and be your beacons of

light.. and teach you what you almost lost..

We fully honor them and & those brave loving souls who tried to save them,

and all of what their lessons have taught us..

and through our resolve, and loving dedication to their memories

and our ideals..

We have cleared away the grit and rubble of negativity,

And honor this historic space

As an inspirational birthplace for your new dreams to be born


We have created this garden for you to come to, and plant your seed

Come, plant your dream seed here, and let its’ fertile soil and lessons

help you make it grow into your hearts’ reality..

Listen to your heart’s drumbeat..

Let nature’s scent intoxicate your imagination..

Let the Wildflower Seeds of Dreams scattered in the wind move you..

                                                   Dream and here you can make it happen


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