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I was raised to embrace all the self-awareness and choice fostered by the Women’s Movement,  where  women evolved from being told what they were destined to become into living in the full creative process; and design our life as our personal creation, and  trust our abilities and intuition to achieve anything we can dream and truly want.


My sculpture has always been the most pure, unfiltered way for me to work through and express myself from the deepest part of my heart. I communicate with myself, and then the world through sculpture in ways I cannot comprehend intellectually or say verbally. 

Through each sculpture I worked through, and captured an emotional moment as I dealt with choices, and resolving inner conflicts at pivotal moments during my life journey. 


I believe we can all  make our biggest dreams come true: 

Cherish our visions and ideals that stir in our hearts & the beauty that forms in our minds.
Our dreams are like seeds planted in fertile soil: 

If we nourish our dreams with clear intention; without conflicting desires; and with focused attention, they will wait for the right season, and then spontaneously bloom into a magnificent life filled with everything our hearts want.

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